Hospitality Management

How do you ensure that suppliers are delivering the product at the price quote?

True and False:
Q1. ADA stands for………………………………………………………………………………
Q2. NOT stands for National Offices of Tourism.
Q3. Management contracts have been responsible for the hotel industry’s rapid boom since the 1960s.
Q4. High-speed Internet service is free form of information technology that these businesses can utilize.
Q5. One of the most crucial IT decisions is choosing the right POS system.
Q6. Forecasting is the prediction of present outcomes.
Q7. The top independent restaurant in terms of sales is the Tavern on the Green in New York City, which opened in 1976.
Q8. A fine dining restaurant is one where a good selection of seat arranged is offered.
Q9. Terms to understand in B&I foodservices are contractors, self-operators, & Liaison personnel.
Q10. Every manager must function as a leader, motivating and encouraging employees is called spokesperson role.
Q11. If you owned a travel agency, what would your reaction to the reduced commission cap be?
Q12. What options would you consider?
Q13. What are some suggestions for training staff to handle unusual circumstances?
Q14. How do you ensure that suppliers are delivering the product at the price quote?
Q15. Looking to the future, which is the best organization structure for a theme park? A fifty-room resort? A mid-priced Italian restaurant? An economy 100 room hotel? A 3,000-room casino hotel?
Q16. Depict the main obstacles that exist when motivating low-level employees, such as the housekeeping staff of a hotel. Give specific examples. What is different from this situation versus motivating professional, such as the head chef?

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