Explain Quotation, Source List and invoice verification

Section – A (Marks – 45)
Attempt any three questions
1- As clients of optional services or other sources of procurement, federal departments assume a number of responsibilities. Explain all these responsibilities.
2- Explain various services that are mandatory common service under the Common Services Policy?
3– How will you determine if products are dangerous, hazardous or controlled substances? Explain the process step by step.
4– What is the importance of management of materials? What is the various challenges a material manager faces?
5- Describe all the roles and responsibilities of a material manager in details.
Section – B (Marks – 35)
Attempt any five questions –
1- What are the different ways to organize purchasing organizations? Explain in details.
2- What is the difference between a Purchase Order and a Purchase Requisition?
3- What is Release Procedure? What is the difference between a Blanket Purchase Order and the Framework Order?
4- What do you understand by Material? Explain various type of material.
5- What are the various steps involve in the Material Management Cycle from material creation through invoice?
6- What is Consignment Stocks? What are the various features of Consignment Stocks?
7- Explain Quotation, Source List and invoice verification.
Section – C (Marks – 20)
Attempt any two questions –
1- What is the primary and secondary purpose of WHMIS?
2- What MRP procedures are available in Consumption Based Planning?
3- Under what conditions are “planned orders” created? What may planned orders be converted to and how is that conversion accomplished?

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