Explain the nature of group and various types of group. Why it is important for mangers to be familiar with the concepts of group

Section – A (Marks – 25)
Attempt all questions
  1. What are the key biographical characteristics?
  2. What is difference between intellectual abilities and physical abilities?
  3. How an individual comes to know about “values”?
  4. What is difference between terminal and instrumental values?
  5. What is the importance of emotional intelligence?
Section – B (Marks – 25)
Attempt all questions –
  1. Why managers require knowledge of OB?
  2. What are the contributing disciplines of Organizational Behavior?
  3. What do you mean by Locus of Control?
  4. What is the influence of heredity and environment on personality?
  5. How does Personality Typing help in the world of work?

Explain the nature

Section – C (Marks – 50)
Attempt any five questions –
  1. Define organizational behavior & its importance. Discuss how other science contributes to the study of organizational behavior.
  2. Explain Mc-Gregor’s theory X & theory Y?
  3. What is personality- What are its determinates – Which of them, you feel, are more important in shaping personality.
  4. What is stress- Explain various levels of stressors. List of the stress coping strategies at various levels. Who should be responsible for dealing with the stress – individual or the group?
  5. Explain the nature of group and various types of group. Why it is important for mangers to be familiar with the concepts of group
  6. What is a team- What are its types. Would you like to work in a self or Managed team- Explain.
  7. Explain the styles of leadership. Explain the traits of effective leader.

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