Construction Industry

Explain what lessons are required to be learned from International experiences and its own past experiences in Construction Project.

Q1. This effect is the result of a combination of a variety of factors that can be traced back to the building’s design building materials, and the cumulative effects of low order characteristics on human health:
  1. Sick building syndrome
  2. Ionizing radiation
  3. Non-ionizing radiation
  4. Pollutants
Q2. ____________ represents all aural sensations experienced by the user due to noise at all frequencies, levels, and dynamics:
  1. Hydrothermal discomfort
  2. Acoustic inconvenience
  3. Visual discomfort
  4. Olfactory discomfort
Q3. This is the influence of the production of toxic compounds by the construction and operation on the site itself & neighboring surface:
  1. Air pollution
  2. Soil pollution
  3. Acid rain
  4. Smog & other air pollution
Q4. ________ opens up new markets and news competition from the construction sector in the new member states.
  1. PU Enlargement
  2. CU Enlargement
  3. DU Enlargement
  4. EU Enlargement
Q5. Installing energy efficient appliances & fixtures & changing irrigation practices & behavior can reduce water consumption by 30 percent
  1. Water conservative
  2. Recycled content materials
  3. Materials reuse
  4. None of the above
Q6. This new system was intended to reduce manipulations in the tendering process:
  1. Institutional Reforms
  2. Mandatory Tendering
  3. Mandatory Tender Evaluation System
  4. Mandatory Construction Supervision
Q7. It provides a graphical representation of the individual measured values in a data set according to the frequency of occurrence:
  1. Check-sheet
  2. Histogram
  3. Checklists
  4. Pareto Analysis
Q8. __________ sets out the vision for a future European Construction sectors as a key element in achieving the Lisbon objectives:
  1. Smart Construction
  2. Building the future
  3. Strategies for innovation
  4. Strategic alliances
Q9. ECCREDI stands for _______________________________.
Q10. LEED stands for __________________________________.
Part Two:
Q1. What is ‘Mobile Document Management System’?
Q2. Briefly explain the Lean Production.
Q3. Define Green Building.
Q4. What is slowing down Penetration of Green Construction?

Explain what lessons are required

Q5. The cost-effective construction technologies would emerge as the most acceptable case of sustainable technologies in India. Comment
Q6. Explain what lessons are required to be learned from International experiences and its own past experiences in Construction Project.
Q7. Explain the construction of the Euro Tunnel.
Q8. State the benefits of the construction of the Euro Tunnel.
Q9. Explain the Government Role in BOT Projects. Give the Recommendations for Encouraging the Private Sector Involvements in BOT Projects.
Q10. Explain the Role of Construction Industry in Climate Change.
Q11. What are the areas of design that are to be and shall be addressed in order to achieve sustainable built environment?

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