Training and Development

Explain the difference between training and development

 Part – A (45 Marks)
Attempt any Three Question
1- What do you understand by term training? Explain various objectives and areas of training.
2- Explain policy. What are the characteristics of good policy? Explain various kinds of policies.
3- What is learning? Explain process of learning. What are various styles of learning?
4- Explain the three representational modes of learning process.
5- Explain Adult Learning. Differentiate between adult learning and Child learning.
Part – B (35 Marks)
Attempt any five Question
1- Explain how training benefits the Organization.
2- Explain various factors influencing policy determination.
3- What are various theories of learning?
4- Explain Self, Meta cognition, Cognition, Knowledge (SMCK)
5- Apply the principles of adult learning for practical training.
6- Explain various principles of effective training and leaning.
Part – C (20 Marks)
Attempt any two Question
1- Explain the difference between training and development
2- Explain budgeting process for Training of employees in an organization.
3- Explain various objectives of learning.

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