Explain the constitution of sports authority of India Describe the organization relationship and facilities

  1. Explain the skills of management and the role of a Manager.
  2. Explain the philosophy of management.
  3. Describe any two functions of management.
  4. Describe bureaucracy in sports organization.
  5. Explain the constitution of sports authority of India.
  6. Describe the organization relationship and facilities.
  7. Explain the process of evaluation in an organization.
    PART B — (4 X10 = 40 marks)
    Answer any FOUR questions.
    All questions carry equal marks.
    8. Explain the universal nature of the management process in an organization.
  8. Explain the importance of planning in the management process and various steps in the planning process.
  9. Explain various theories of management.
  10. Explain the organizational goal and the problems of organizational goals.
  11. Draw an organizational structure of authority in an organization and explain their functions.
  12. List down the office bearers of Indian Olympic Association and explain their functions.
  13. Explain the goals model of organizational effectiveness and the system resource model of organizational effectiveness.

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