Total Quality Management

Design a check-sheet for the maintenance of a piece of equipment such as a gas furnace laboratory scale or typewriter Give the flow diagram for the manufacture of the same

  1. Describe the four tiers of quality documentation.
  2. Determine which element of ISO 9001 is referenced in each of the following situations”
(a)       An audit found that no supplier reviews were being performed.
(b)       There were no inspection records.
(c)       During an audit, it was found that a punch press operator had not received the technical instructions necessary for running the punch press.
(d)       During an audit, it was discovered that no manager had been given the responsibility of ensuring that the quality system was being maintained.
  1. Describe how a two party audit system works.
  2. Select members of a quality by design team for the development and production of two or more of the following products. If possible, the team should be limited to ten members of different disciplines.
(a)       Ballpoint pen  (b)      Car windshield sunscreen  (c)         Manual can opener
(d)       Computer keyboard  (e)      Clothes iron
  1. Design a check-sheet for the maintenance of a piece of equipment such as a gas furnace, laboratory scale, or typewriter. Give the flow-diagram for the manufacture of the same.
  2. Identify the appropriate level of risk for the following items and justify your answer.
(a)       Space Shuttle  (b)     X-ray machine  (c)   Camera  (d)   Canned soup  (e)       Pencil
(f)        Computer keyboard  (g)      Chair  (h)       Running shoe  (i)      Automobile 
(j)        Fresh vegetables  (k)           Child’s toy  (l)            Golf club  (m)           Baby food
(n)         Restaurant food
  1. Describe how benchmarking can be used to improve both efficiency and effectiveness. Identify and explain three main types of benchmarking. In what circumstances would each type be most appropriate
  2. What difficulties are typically encountered when benchmarking direct competitors? Describe the ways employed to work around these problems.
  3. Write a comprehensive note on at least five different types of metrics. What is the significance of the different metrics used in daily work routine in an airport? Critically analyze the dependence of aviation systems on metrics. Cite two examples to support your analysis
  4. Using the Internet or other sources, find examples of the role computers play in each of the six quality functions. As an auditor how will you assess a website?

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