Deepak, Mohsin, Kiara and Kashyap have recently joined Infinity Infotech. In the first few days of Induction

  1. Why do we do what we do? Motivation is the word which explains why one individual is absorbed about a particular objective or action plan while the other one would be totally disoriented about it? Alia and Aarti are colleagues working in a software firm. Alia comes from a very affluent family and is she is very much involved in the workplace politics whereas Aarti comes from a very humble background and works really hard to achieve her aspirations. Aarti is always involved in her work and shrugs off any kind of political agenda. Discuss the given scenario of Alia and Aarti with the help of McClelland Needs Theory? Explain why both the colleagues so differently oriented?
  1. Karan and Sanjay are Team leaders of team A and B respectively. Karan is very open to feedback and does not let his perception rule his decision. He takes action based on facts and figures whereas Sanjay get carried away with his perception. Team A is very happy and motivated team which is clearly visible by their performance and just the reverse goes for team B. Sanjay takes aid from a self-help book where he reads about the managerial implications of perception. When he does a self-analysis he understood that all this while he was working totally under the influence of his perception. Sanjay decides to take a plunge and modify his behaviour. Discuss any three managerial implications of perception and what could have made Sanjay change his way of behaving? Discuss.
  1. Deepak, Mohsin, Kiara and Kashyap have recently joined Infinity Infotech. In the first few days of Induction they are all made to form a group which will work on a project given by the management. Initially it went good for some time but after fifteen days rift could be seen between the group members. The management gave them a timeline for the completion of the project. They appointed Kiara as their leader and followed the norms set by the group. Within the given time frame by the management they completed the project and got appreciated for the same. After the completion of this project these four group members were again assigned a new group.
  1. Explain the process for formation of a group in Infinity Infotech.
  1. List down all the theories of group formation (all the theories need not to be discussed). Discuss the theory which you will the most apt in case of Infinity Infotech.


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