competitive forces for M or s Divine Soul.

Q.1 Patanjali is in the process of setting up restaurant chain. Suggest suitable Elements of Physical Evidence during the launch of restaurants.
Q.2 Prepare a Service Blue print with a diagram for any brand in the banking industry
Q.3 Read the following Case & solve the questions given:
‘Strides’ is a leading shoe store in South Mumbai. The products are slightly high priced & in addition to the up market clientele, they also have a huge customer base of middle income group who are attracted to the products because of their superior quality & durability. The products range from office going & party wear to casual foot ware for both men & women. The store also has an entire section for kids. Excellent service & quality products has made ‘Strides’ one of the most reputed shoe store in the locality. The management of the store has been planning to venture into an allied business of a ‘Shoe Laundry’ but is doubtful about its success in the market where the concept is relatively new. Repairing of shoes is basically done at the local corner cobbler & in such a situation ‘Shoe Laundry’ will be a concept that would have to be explained to the people. The service would include professional cleaning, washing, airing & repairing of shoes. The management wants to hire an outside agency to find the feasibility of such a venture. They would also like to find the profile of the consumers who will try out for such a service.
You are the director of the market research firm that has been selected to undertake the study.
1) In your opinion, what strategy should Strides adopt? Should it go for ‘Shoe Laundry’ or expand ‘Strides’?
2) What should be the strategy, if ‘Strides’ wants to expand?
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