Communication means sharing of understanding between people. Explain the statement and discuss the role of feedback in communication.

Part – A (45 Marks)
Attempt any Three Question
1-Describe briefly the important rules of good writing. What precautions would you take in order to make your writing more effective?
2– Why do we need meeting? What are the necessary steps to be taken before calling a meeting?
3– In business communication courtesy and clarity are as important as conciseness and completeness. Discuss
4– What do you mean by encoding and decoding of messages? Illustrate your answer with an example.
5– What is a memo and what factors should b€ kept in mind for writing a good memo?
Part – B (35 Marks)
Attempt any five Question
1- What is the role of feedback in communication? Give suggestions to make feedback effective.
2- On what basis would you choose your method to communication?
3- “For effective writing, concrete and forceful words should be used.” Comment.
4- List and explain the essentials of a good business letter.
5- “Communication means sharing of understanding between people.” Explain the statement and discuss the role of feedback in communication.
6- Briefly explain the seven C’s of effective communication.
7- What are the important characteristics of a good business report? What precautions would you take while planning for writing a business report?
Part – C (20 Marks)
Attempt any two Question
1- Why is it desirable to avoid the use of jargon?
2- Discuss the statement “the appearance of a Letter is part of its message”.
3- What do you mean by sign language’? Discuss the use of at least two examples of sign language.

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