Energy Management

 Comment on Alternate sources of power Explain in detail Methods of investment appraisal Explain in detail Sources of Waste Heat and its potential applications

  1. Explain in detail Energy Conservation Schemes?
  2. What is energy management? Is energy conservation the same as energy   efficiency in an effective energy management program?
  1. Comment on “Alternate sources of power”
  2. Explain in detail Methods of investment appraisal?
  3. Explain in detail “Sources of Waste Heat and its potential applications”

Comment on Alternate sources of power

  1. Write short note on:
  2. Heat Transfer Coefficient
  3. Solar Radiation
iii.        Rate of heat transfer
  1. Regenerators
  2. Explain in brief Hydraulic power systems
  3. Explain in your words the points you must consider for efficient use of energy?
  4. Comment on “Cost of Electrical Energy”
  5. Differentiate between Hot water systems and Cooling water systems?

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