The bearing department is planning their schedule for the following week They need an understanding of last week’s performance The schedule called for two 8-hour

  1. Mention situations in (a) banking, (b) advertising, (c) agriculture, and (d) hoteliering where production and operations management is involved. Describe the inputs, outputs, processes and utilities.
  2. What are the hurdles in the globalization of services? Mention the managerial, social and political issues. Are services, generally more difficult to globalize? What are the implications in the Indian context of the newly liberalized economy?
  3. Typical Linear Programming has one objective function. But, in many practical situations, there could be more than one objective. How can one take care of such a situation? Explain by means of an example.
  4. How would different Queuing Disciplines affect waiting line characteristics? Explain by giving examples.
  5. How would you control quality in a job-shop situation (where one customer’s order may be different from another’s).
  6. As a management discipline, does maintenance management differ from production management? If yes, in what way?
  7. Describe the use of information technology in supply chains.
  8. ‘Inventory is a part of manufacturing strategy.’ Do you agree with this statement? If so, explain why it should be only a part of the total manufacturing strategy?
  9. Can the Plant layout principles be applied to forming a layout of an office? What criteria would you use in designing such a layout?
  10. Would the LOB (Line Of Balance) technique be more useful to the General Manager (Production) or to a Plant Superintendent? Explain
Q 1 : Identify the appropriate level of risk for the following items and justify your answer.
(a)       Space Shuttle  (b)     X-ray machine  (c)   Camera  (d)   Canned soup  (e)       Pencil 
(f)        Computer keyboard  (g)      Chair  (h)       Running shoe  (i)      Automobile  (j)          Fresh vegetables  (k)       Child’s toy  (l)            Golf club  (m)            Baby food  (n) Restaurant food
Q .2 : The bearing department is planning their schedule for the following week. They need an understanding of last week’s performance. The schedule called for two 8-hour shifts per day for five days. Downtime charged to production averaged 76 minutes per day. Downtime charged to maintenance averaged 135 minutes per day. Calculate the actual running time and the percentage of available time.
Q 3 : (a) Does exponential smoothing track a trend in the demand satisfactorily? What is the reason?
( b) How would forecasting be useful for operations in a BPO unit? What factors may be important for this industry? Discuss
Q.4 : (a) Would a six sigma implementation involve significant financial investment? Discuss
(b) Can total organizational satisfaction be achieved while a company is also aiming for key business results? Is there a conflict in these two goals? Discuss.
Q.5 : How would have good production & Operations Management Practices averted the terrible Bhopal Gas strategy? Research & Discuss
Q.6 : Differentiate between Loading and Scheduling. Is a clear-cut distinction between the two possible under all production situations? If so where is it possible & where is it not possible?
Q.7: What are the advantages of the HMMS model over the Linear programming model? The HMMS.and other sophisticated models have not been very popular in practice. What may be the reasons?
Q.8: What is the scope of purchasing activities? Where would you fit purchasing in the materials management function? In the Organizational structure, where should purchasing be fitted?
(i) in a single plant situation (ii) in a multiple plant situation

The bearing department

Q.9: Some say that we need a “national level job evaluation” in India. Can you envisage the issues involved? Is it possible to do such a national level exercise? How would you proceed in this regard?
Q.10 :How can work study be used for arriving at (i) Manufacturing Budget (ii) Production Plan (iii) Personnel Policies (iv) Materials Planning? Explain.


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