Ayurvedic India” is a new company started by two young entrepreneurs Mr. Dharam

“Ayurvedic India” is a new company started by two young entrepreneurs Mr. Dharam and Mr. Raj. “Ayurvedic India” deals with traditional Indian Ayurveda medicines. The company has already opened 10 stores across two cities namely Delhi and Mumbai in India and it has a plan to open at least 50 more stores in less than a year time. All the stores will have an Ayurvedic Doctor to provide free medical assistance. The company is known for its brands “Dant Rakshak” which is toothpaste, “Kesh Rakshak” which is hair oil, “Chehra” which is a cosmetic cream, “Tez Chyawanprash” which is nutritive jam that helps in boosting immunity. The stores have a huge space both for the patient treatment and a dedicated space for the retail counter. The company plans to give competition to the market leaders i.e. Patanjali and Dabur.
Q1. The company hires you as a Marketing Manager and asks you to prepare the Segmentation and Targeting for “Ayurvedic India”.

Ayurvedic India

Q2. “Ayurvedic India” deals with the concept of treatment of patients and then selling them the medicine. You have been asked to prepare the 7P’s of Marketing Mix for “Ayurvedic India”.
Q3. Answer on the basis of the case above:
  1. Prepare the positioning strategy for “Ayurvedic India”.
  1. Prepare a list of five celebrities who can act as a Brand Ambassador for “Ayurvedic India” Explain the selection of celebrities with reason.

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