Apply the theory to the Indian software industry, giving your recommendations.

Q1) Enlist at least five strategic advantages of International trade and explain how has Apple Inc. leveraged each of these to become one of the world’s leading global company.
What are some of the disadvantages of international trade they would have faced in reaching this position.
Q2) What are the forces that drive globalization. What do you understand by disadvantages of globalisation and what are the options available to the government of a particular country which is signatory to WTO and supports Laissez Faire approach, in containing these challenges.
Q3) Michael Porters diamond theory of national advantage states that the success of an organisation in international markets depends on the features of the home country.
  1. a) State the various determinants of the theory and also state who plays the role of a catalyst in unifying and integrating the determinants together.


  1. b) Apply the theory to the Indian software industry, giving your recommendations.

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