Analyze the case, using SWOT Comment on the strategies used by the bank for penetrating the Nagpur market

  1. Analyze the case, using SWOT.
  2. Comment on the strategies used by the bank for penetrating the Nagpur market.
  1. Suggest strategies for sustenance and growth of the bank in view of the changing scenario of the Nagpur region
Answer Any six :
  1. Explain buyers credit and suppliers credit by giving examples of each type of credit. Also explain with a case study.
  2. What is correspondent banking? Explain briefly the services offered by correspondent banking? Explain briefly the services offered by correspondent banks to the banks having account relationship with them? Give some examples?
  3. Explain in brief, the role of Reserve bank of India in Indian Exchange control. Explain the role of EXIM bank in promotion exports, and describe briefly facilities given by EXIM bank? Give examples.
  4. The organizational career is a responsibility of the organization and the individual. Discuss.
  5. Explain the general architecture of an integrated banking system. How is it useful? Explain with examples.
  6. What do you understand by MICR? How does it help in clearing of instructions? Explain the field structure of MICR cheque.
  7. Explain how a digital signature is generated? Explain its use with examples.
  8. How can Indian banks use legal recognition of digital signature for development of business.
  9. What is market segmentation? Why is it important to advertisers? How is it useful for banking.


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